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When Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) go down the drain, they can cause a lot of problems for your business – clogged pipes, reduced plumbing flow, odors or even sewer backups. The results can cost you time, money, and customers. A properly maintained grease trap is an important step in helping to reduce the risks to your business. A few simple actions in your kitchen can also help drastically reduce the amount of FOG your business sends down the drain. Please call us for a free on-site consultation for grease trap pumping and a free estimate at 425-654-1762.

As grease trap waste collects, the trap becomes less efficient and finally reaches the point where it becomes clogged and fails. Trap failure results in drain backup and the release of noxious odors into the food handling establishment. Once it has failed, the grease trap is now in need of an emergency pumping and cleaning, at significant expense, and may emit obnoxious odors, often in the middle of a working kitchen or other food handling facility.

The majority of us know the problems fats, oils, as well as grease (FOG) can create when washed down right into sinks or other drains. They can develop substantial obstructing concerns, creating sewer backups that are expensive to repair as well as can create health problems by attracting pests and vermin. According to several zoning and health officials, among the significant root causes of FOG relevant sewer problems in any location is inadequate grease trap maintenance.

Our team of professionals at Everett Grease Trap Services is better equipped, by far, than any of our competitors. Our expert team is unmatched in years of experience and knowledge that we have with grease trap cleaning and maintenance. Our trained team of experts employs modern means of disposing of greasy FOG wastes.

When you partner with us to service your grease trap, you are assured fast, professional care and service well within the regulations and guidelines of the health department, which means you’re freed from any thought of possibly being fined for violations. The waste we collect is not just dumped at a landfill, but is often recycled and repurposed by approved, licensed centers as soil additives for agricultural use, as an alternative fuel for heating purposes, generators and vehicles and a growing number of useful products.

All commercial restaurants need grease trap pumping

Regardless how much you try to keep your grease trap clear, it will need to be periodically pumped and cleaned. Many variables are at play to determine what’s needed in order to be certain that your grease trap is maintained in like-new condition.

Grease interceptors must be cleaned on a regular basis, at a specific frequency that the combined grease and solids accumulation does not exceed 25 percent of the total liquid depth of the interceptor, but not less frequently than once every three months while the establishment is in operation.

Instead of waiting until your employees discover a clog, it’s better to schedule a cleaning every three months in the beginning. In most restaurants, buildup in the grease trap after a few months should be just starting to collect. If your kitchen is particular or you have a steady increase in business, you probably should schedule cleanings more frequently. Some kitchens may require one every month to prevent clogs simply because of the volume of greasy waste water generated.

What is the average cost for grease trap pumping?

The price of grease trap pumping really depends on a few variables – the size, location and easy access are major factors. Of course, it’s more expensive to have grease trap pumping or cleaning after hours. PPPs are required to charge a flat rate for all HGI pumping. It’s best for us to set up an on-site consultation with you so we can arrange a regular cleaning schedule to prevent any future problems which can be quite costly in an emergency.

We’ll be happy to have a free in-house consultation with you, with absolutely no obligation to you, to discuss the many other details that need to be looked into before a close estimation of cost can be made.

Your grease trap pumping and cleaning schedule

Grease trap and interceptor cleaning and maintenance schedules, for commercial establishments, depend on the facility type and the volume of processing required for the type of business. All underground grease interceptors should be cleaned, at a minimum, quarterly. Some establishments, especially high volume restaurants, will find it necessary to clean their traps much more frequently. If the establishment has to clean it too often, the owner should consider installing a larger trap.

Generally, grease traps should be pumped when the grease and solids combined measure 30% of the depth of the tank. If a grease trap is not designed well, it may be necessary to consider a smaller percentage. When performed properly and at the appropriate frequency, grease interceptor and trap maintenance can greatly reduce the discharge of FOG into the wastewater collection system.

Why don’t you call us today at 425-654-1762 for a free in-house consultation and lay to rest any possibility of putting at risk the health and well-being of your guests, employees and even your livelihood.

Why is Everett grease trap cleaning service the best service provider in the area?

While we are not the cheapest around, you know the old saying- you get what you pay for. The first thing that puts us at the top of the game is our vast experience. Our team is better equipped than our competitors, hands down. We’ve invested in state of the art powerful industrial vacuum pumps, as well as all other necessary equipment to perform top-notch service.

Our professional team of grease trap service experts are world-class. That being said, we actually save you money and time over our competitors because we do the job right the first time. We take no shortcuts and leave your grease trap in like-new operating condition when we’re done. Our modern fleet of high capacity pump trucks are at the disposal of our men, assuring no delays from start to finish.

Best of all, we offer monthly billing plans to meet every need and budget. So you’ll only receive services you really need, and pay only for what’s required. So why don’t you set up a free, in-house consultation with us today, with no obligation. Call us now, at 425-654-1762.



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