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The purpose of a restaurant grease trap is to keep grease and oil from washed dishes from entering septic tanks and sewers. Grease can clog up pipes and infrastructure, require costly repairs and make the water more difficult to treat and sanitize. Because of the risks associated with letting grease enter the municipal sewer system, these traps are required by law in many jurisdictions. These units work by separating grease from wastewater and then letting the water pass through. Several factors come into play when determining how often the grease trap cleaning and pumping of the grease trap needs to be performed:

  • The type and quantity of food being cooked
  • If best management practices are being utilized
  • And the size of the grease trap.

Small grease traps may need to be cleaned weekly, whereas larger interceptors may need to be professionally pumped out every 30-90 days. An inadequate pumping/cleaning schedule will ultimately lead to costly clogs and backups in the system. Call us today for a free on-site consultation and free estimate at 425-654-1762.

It’s good for business to have a clean grease trap!

When FOG is washed down the drain, it cools, solidifies, and adheres to sewer pipe walls. Over time, deposits of FOG build up and eventually block flow through pipes. Clogged sewer pipes can cause raw wastewater to back up into homes and businesses, or overflow into our streets and waterways. Such unsanitary conditions are dangerous to public health and the environment and are very expensive to correct.

Fats, oil, and grease, also called FOG in the wastewater business, can have negative impacts on wastewater collection and treatment systems. Most wastewater collection system blockages can be traced to FOG. Blockages in the wastewater collection system are serious causing sewage spills, manhole overflows, or sewage backups in homes and businesses.

FOG buildup in sewer lines has many harmful and costly effects. Sewer backups into homes create a health hazard as well as an unpleasant mess that can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to clean up. FOG can also enter storm drains and flow directly into water bodies and onto beaches creating serious environmental and health conditions.

Our staff of professionals at Everett Grease Trap Services is better equipped, by far, than any of our competitors. Our expert team is unmatched in years of experience and our knowledge of grease trap cleaning and maintenance. Our trained team of experts employs modern means of disposing of greasy FOG wastes.

When you allow us to service your grease trap, you are assured fast, professional care and that is well within the regulations and guidelines of the Everett health department, which means you’ll be free from any thought of being fined for violations. The waste we collect is not just dumped at a landfill, but most often it can be recycled and repurposed by approved, licensed centers as soil additives for agricultural use, as an alternative fuel for heating purposes, generators and vehicles and a growing number of useful products.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! There is no reason to leave it up to chance and wind up being in violation of the Everett city health and safety regulations. Our staff of experts only employ methods that are industry standards. While many of our competitors choose to take shortcuts in an effort to save some money, such decisions end up costing more in the long run because the work is not completed properly or is incomplete.

Everett grease trap & interceptor services is the best in the business!

We offer an array of resources that are required to do the work properly and completely, while ensuring that your food serving establishment remains in strict compliance with all health and safety laws. At Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services, our reputation precedes us. Our team’s expertise and their thorough, complete service is nothing short of legendary!

We are the premiere grease trap service business in Everett. In our business, we also must comply with many regulations, just like in the commercial restaurant business. Not being in compliance usually means a steep fine and other penalties, and putting your business license at risk. Because this is something we share, we work extra hard to assist you in staying in compliance with the health and safety code.

We picture ourselves in your place in our commitment to you, all the while we provide the needed services for your grease trap. That is how we built our fine reputation and we’ll spare no option to protect your good reputation as well. Whatever your schedule may be, it’s our pleasure to meet and exceed your needs!

You’re in good hands with Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services! Call us today to set up a free consultation and assessment to meet your concerns and your budget. Or, just fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you.

Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or call us to arrange a free in-house consultation to assess your grease trap service needs and budget requirements. Call us for a free on-site consultation and free estimate at 425-654-1762.



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