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Greetings! I’m Dave, a waste disposal company with grease pump trucks running around all over Everett, Washington.

We are an Everett based service company with numerous customers and service routes already established in and around Everett. I’ve been cleaning and pumping out grease traps for over 15 years.

But enough about me, you’re here to get help with your grease traps.

Call if you need reliable and affordable grease trap services in Everett. We can handle anything related to grease trap cleanings, grease trap maintenance, grease trap pumping, grease interceptor pumping, grease interceptor cleaning, grease interceptor services, inspections, foul odors, compliance issues, documentation, emergency pumping and cleaning services… get the point. Our crews are fully trained and very experienced.

We’re guilty of having hundreds of long-term customers, the best services, and being reliable to our customers. We can service grease traps in Everett faster than most.

Call for a fast and free quote over the phone or if you have a question, call us. Always trust a reliable and experienced company to service your grease traps.




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Everett Grease Trap/Interceptor Services

Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Services – Let Us Tell You More About Our Business

Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Services is conveniently located on 1912 32nd St. Everett, WA. We offer fast, efficient, and detailed grease trap cleaning services in and around the Everett area. Our 15 years of hands-on experience in the field has made us experts in grease trap pumping, grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor pumping, grease trap installation, and grease trap interceptor cleaning. As the top commercial kitchen grease trap and interceptor service providers in Everett, it is our goal to maintain excellent services. Our company strictly complies with health and safety regulations set out by the local law. Grease trap cleaning is one of the essential aspects of operating any food business, and keeping your business operational and safe is our business. Equipped with the latest equipment, our team has all it needs to get the job done on time, every time. Restaurants in the nearby areas like Port Gardner, Bayside, Everett Junction, Riverside, Northwest Everett, and Delta often contact us for their grease cleaning needs. When you partner with an experienced company like us, you can count on an accurate assessment by our team, a free estimate and fast, reliable service. 

Benefits of Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Services

We are a company dedicated to serving both big and small restaurants in Everett. All our plans are versatile to serve all needs depending on your budget guaranteeing you get the same excellent service at an affordable price.  With Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Services, all the detailed reports and paperwork required by the city are taken care of by our team. It is our job to help you focus on your business while we take care of the requirements. Our loyal clients of Everett and the surrounding areas are rewarded with periodic specials as a token of our appreciation. 

Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Service Areas

Let’s talk about Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Services in WA. These are the primary locations that we can provide professional grease trap & Interceptor services in Everett. Our service locations include: 

We also service the following zip codes: 98205, 98203, 98201 

Address & Directions

Here is our physical address in Everett:

Grease Trap Cleaning in Everett

As the top commercial kitchen grease trap and interceptor service providers in the industry, Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Services wants you to know that pumping and cleaning grease traps and disposing of the resulting waste must be one of the most important aspects of operating a food serving establishment. The law requires periodic cleaning and removal of grease trap waste properly, and no other service provider is as proficient as Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Services with regard to compliance with health and safety regulations.

The best way to ensure a clean and sanitary kitchen is to maintain your grease trap properly. Proper care can prevent foul odors and ensure that your entire drain system is flowing as it should not allow harmful contaminants into those systems due to negligent maintenance practices.

We at Everett Grease Trap and Interceptor Services are at the top of the class in our field, and that’s why more food serving establishments come to us to serve their grease trap and interceptor cleaning services over all others. Our team of trained professionals have no equal peers in the industry. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and know-how, we know just what you need and when you need it.

Let Everett grease trap and interceptor services be your business partner!

Our grease trap and interceptor service is used by a wide variety of restaurants and food processing businesses in the Everett area. The regular cleanings we perform and the proper disposal of grease trap waste is done in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our crew of trained experts use advanced processes to fully service your grease traps and interceptors from top-to-bottom while assuring that all harmful waste is removed safely and with minimal disturbance to your business operations.

We perform our services only at the times that are convenient to your schedule, in order to avoid any disruption of your business and daily routines. We are able to work with you anytime, night or day, to assure everything is working smoothly and efficiently with our 24/7 Emergency Grease Trap Servicing.

All commercial restaurants must be diligent in having their grease trap or interceptor serviced at regular intervals. The required maintenance frequency for their grease trap or interceptor depends greatly on the amount of FOG a facility generates as well as any best management practices (BMPs) that the establishment implements to reduce the FOG discharged into its sanitary sewer system. In many cases, an establishment that implements BMPs will realize financial benefit through a reduction in their required grease interceptor and trap maintenance frequency.

Our promise to you

We know Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services is not the only game in town that’s why we make the following promises we will keep:

● We continuously update our knowledge ensuring eco-friendly disposal methods and products are used.

● We will always stay on top of any changes to legal requirements that you are required to comply with, because we know you have your own job to perform.

● Our goal is to help you, not to be a nuisance. If there is any way to pump and clean your grease trap with minimal disruption, we’ll find it.

● We give you access to the national tax credits and City benefits offered by certified green initiatives.

● We work closely with specialized, licensed facilities that exist to dispose of toxic and non-recyclable waste

● We will take care of any and all legally required documentation of all services that we perform on your premises, and keep it available for your future access at any time should the need arise.

● We care about the environment. Most of the grease waste we remove can be repurposed for a variety of uses, from fuel or electricity generation to soil improvements.

● We will work to monitor any changes that take place that may require changes to the maintenance schedule to help avoid any possible future problems that can be easily prevented beforehand.

The importance of your grease trap

When Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) go down the drain, they can cause a lot of problems for your business – clogged pipes, reduced plumbing flow, odors or even sewer backups. The results can cost you time, money and customers. A properly maintained grease trap is an important step in helping to reduce the risks to your business. A few simple actions in your kitchen can also help drastically reduce the amount of FOG your business sends down the drain

Grease traps separate grease and oil from wastewater. A grease trap slows down the flow of hot greasy water as it cools down the FOG solidifies and rises to the top of the trap. The cooler wastewater collects on the other side of the trap’s baffle and from there makes its way into the Town’s wastewater system, leaving FOG behind in the trap for removal. Small indoor grease traps are usually located in the floor near the sink or rear exit. Larger outside grease traps are usually located a few feet from the building exterior areas. Please call us for a free on-site consultation and free estimate at 425-654-1762.

Everett grease trap and interceptor cleaning services is world class

Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services is an innovative solution for all your waste management and recycling needs. We enable you to access the lowest cost removal and disposal prices available in the Everett grease trap service market while requiring no lock in contracts, no unjustified rate increases and no hidden costs.

Grease traps require regular maintenance so your system functions efficiently in order to prevent blockage, contamination, and other costly problems. Also, local government health and safety regulations require grease traps to be properly maintained.

Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services is here to help keep your grease trap functioning at the highest efficiency. Our team of trained professionals will pump and clean your grease trap thoroughly, removing and disposing of fats, oils, greases, water waste, and solid waste.

Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services handles all required documentation of regular maintenance as required by local government agencies, including the date of pumping and the amount of waste removed. As local laws require grease traps to be regularly maintained, Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services can schedule recurring pumping and cleaning to remove the grease before it causes any problems.

Our efficient pumping and cleaning process ensures that your grease traps are cleaned quickly and effectively, ensuring minimal downtime for your commercial kitchen. All of our professional personnel are trained to perform their duties in a healthy and safe way, so you’re guaranteed to experience superior service that’s delivered in the best way possible. Please call us for a free on-site consultation and free estimate at 425-654-1762.

Our personal service and commitment to client relationships is our key to success. We will recommend the most appropriate grease trap cleaning schedule for you. Our professional team is fully equipped with specialized machinery designed specifically to pump out and clean grease traps and interceptors. We also maintain an entire fleet of specialized pump trucks to expertly take care of all your grease trap and interceptor cleaning requirements. Please call us for a free on-site consultation and free estimate at 425-654-1762.

Why should we partner with Everett grease trap and interceptor services?

● We have plans to serve all needs and any budget. If you avail of one of our special monthly budget plans, you can save a bundle by selecting and paying for only the specific grease trap services that meet your needs. Because of all the variables involved with the precise grease trap cleaning services different establishments require, there’s no need to pay for what you don’t use.

● There’s no reason you should have to deal with red tape on top of your busy daily schedule. The Everett city health and safety laws require specific, detailed reports and paperwork to be filled out and filed. We keep it all on file for you in a database that you have full access to anytime the need arises. This is part of our regular service we perform at no cost to you.

● We reward our long-term clients with periodic specials, because we really value loyalty. The more you avail our services, the more you will save.

● We offer discounts if you maintain more than one location of your food service establishment, and you allow us to service them all.

● We are proud of our solid reputation. We value the positive comments we receive on a regular basis from our loyal clients. The professional performance of our expert team of trained personnel is second to none.

A near full capacity grease trap can spell disaster

As grease trap waste collects, the trap becomes less efficient and finally reaches the point where it becomes clogged and fails. Trap failure results in drain back-ups and the release of obnoxious odors into the food handling establishment. Once it has failed, the grease trap now needs emergency pumping and cleaning, at significant expense, and emit obnoxious odors, often in the middle of a working kitchen or other food handling facility.

Additional expense is often incurred by the fines that are imposed by a municipality due to elevated levels of BOD, FOG and suspended solids. This is a real problem for the management of the food service facility, and for the patrons. 

The majority of us know the problems fats, oils, as well as grease (FOG) can create when washed down right into sinks or other drains. They can develop substantial obstructing concerns, creating sewer back-up that are expensive to repair as well as can create health problems by attracting pests as well as vermin. According to several zoning and health officials, among the significant root causes of FOG relevant sewer problems in any location is inadequate grease trap maintenance.

How does the process of grease pumping work?

Grease traps must be opened and inspected to verify that all the seals and other parts are in good condition. Once the system has been inspected, powerful vacuum trucks are used to pump out the waste from large outdoor traps. Indoor traps may be cleaned using power washing equipment. After pumping out the waste, it must be disposed of properly. Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services handles all the necessary paperwork to document your scheduled cleaning service and confirm that you are disposing of your grease properly.

When you partner with our trained professionals, we commit to providing your establishment with fast, efficient and detailed service. We have the most experienced team of experts who will respond to virtually any emergency within a short time. No matter what your hours of operation, by trusting our team you are developing a relationship with a proven and time-tested full-service grease trap service provider.

There are two general methods employed in the cleaning of a grease trap. These include:

● Pump and Return. The fats, oils and greases (FOG material) are removed and taken away with the service provider, but the separated gray water is returned to your grease trap. This is a preferred method. But not all providers offer it as it requires special vehicles.

● Dry Pump. your service provider removes the entire contents of the trap, hauling away the FOG with the gray water, leaving your trap dry until it starts to fill again. A dry tank can emit strong odors until water is again introduced, so this is not a major issue

Some service outfits merely skim the trap and disregard hardened deposits, our expert team at Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services will clean your entire grease trap and remove all hardened grease. Your grease trap will need pumping less often because of our diligent process, and you won’t notice any bad odors often associated with the accumulation of hardened waste.

We get the job done right from start to finish, and we properly dispose of your grease trap waste in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations. This protects our team, your facility and the environment from safety and health risks.

Call us now for a free in-house consultation, and we will perform an accurate assessment of your grease trap or interceptor servicing requirements that will fit the budget you have to work with. Our crew of professionals will then offer you a free estimate of all costs and provide you with a preliminary schedule that works for you. No other grease trap cleaning service provider approaches the professionalism and expertise that Everett Grease Trap Cleaning Services has to offer. Please call us for a free on-site consultation and free estimate at 425-654-1762.



Affordable & Reputable Grease Trap Services

Top 5 Things to do in Everett, Washington

Whether or not you are a visitor or a resident to Everett, here are our 5 top things to do in Everett: 

  1. Visit Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens. All plant-lovers will surely love the natural highlight of Washington that showcases the natural beauty of the Northwest region. Founded in 1963, the area now includes 3.5 acres of themed gardens such as the Northwest Native Plant Trail, Viewing Mound, and Japanese maple Grove. Everyone, including children and those with mobility issues, can access the garden. 
  1. Take an Art tour of the Schack Art Center.  This facility is located in downtown Everett and is full of diverse exhibits. The galleries display works of art from both local and international artists, especially of the younger generations. You will enjoy collections that feature different mediums keeping the exhibit fresh and exciting.
  1. Explore the Imagine Children’s Museum. If you are visiting Everett with kids, this is one of the must-visit places. The museum uses guided and free play to support child developed. Founded in 1991, the exhibits include an art studio, model farm, water play area and a zone for kids below three years old. Parents and children can bond with the different set-up of the museum. 
  1. Visit Carleton Farms. Only five miles outside Everett, Carleton Farms is an excellent place for families to enjoy. The farm is known for using sustainable techniques to produce crops. If you visit during the fall, you can enjoy a host of activities from hayrides to pumpkin picking and corn mazes.
  1. Go to Jetty Island. Located off the coast of Everett, the island covers 2 miles of humanmade beaches perfect for summer escapades. If you visit during its open season, there is free ferry transport from the mainland to the island. There are many fun activities to do on the island from Kiteboarding to hiking.


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To visit Everett Grease Trap & Interceptor Services in WA from Paine Field Airport to 1912 32ND St follow these directions: 

1.Get on WA-526 E in Everett 

2.Head east on 100th St SW 

3.Turn left onto Airport Rd 

4.Use the right two lanes to take the ramp onto WA-526 E 

5.Continue on WA-526 E. Take I-5 N to Broadway. Take exit 192 from I-5 N 

6.Merge onto WA-526 E 

7.Use the left lane to merge onto I-5 N toward Vancouver B C 

8.Use the right two lanes to take exit 192 to merge onto Broadway 

9.Continue on Broadway. Drive to 32nd St 

10.Merge onto Broadway 

11.Turn left onto 32nd St 

12.Destination will be on the left 



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